The Application Process

To officially enroll to The Crossing Bible College, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and print the TCBC Student Application Packet.

  2. Complete the Tuition Payment Agreement form.

  3. Read the Student Handbook and sign the Student Handbook Affidavit.

  4. Gather education documents:

    • If you wish to have college coursework evaluated for transfer credit, retrieve copies of all unofficial college transcripts. These MUST be sent in WITH your application; no exceptions. Note: While the unofficial transcript will be used for evaluation purposes, transfer credit will not actually be granted until an official transcript is received. See below for further instruction.

    • If college transcripts will NOT be evaluated, Make a legible copy of your High School Diploma, GED or equivalent.

  5. Submit the following documents by email to, in person, or by mail:

    • TCBC Student Application

    • Tuition Payment Agreement

    • Student Handbook Affidavit

    • Unofficial transcripts OR copy of Highschool Diploma or GED

  6. Pay the $35.00 registration fee. This can be paid online below. No cash, checks or money orders will be accepted.

  7. Finally, if you are applying for transfer credit, request official transcripts from each college, university, or institute of ministry that you have previously attended.

    • Request official transcripts mailed directly to the TCBC address, or emailed to within 90 days of your acceptance into the college.

    • Official transcripts received after the 90 day period will result in an additional transcript assessment fee.

  • If you receive the official version yourself, Do NOT open the sealed envelope(s)! You may want to order a second copy of each transcript for your own records.


Undergraduate Requirements

Applicants expecting to enter a Christian degree program must have either:

  • Earned a diploma from an accredited high school;

  • Passed the General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.) test;

  • Can document an equivalent education, or;

  • Attended college and have already provided proof of high school graduation.

NOTE: Students who do not have proof of high school graduation will be enrolled in a certificate program.

High school seniors who have not yet graduated from high school may be dually enrolled at The Crossing Bible College while in their senior year. Credits earned will be held in reserve until the student graduates from high school. Upon presenting proof of high school graduation, the completed courses will be converted to college credit and any appropriate degrees will be issued.