The Application Process

To officially enroll to The Crossing Bible College, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and print the TCBC Student Application Packet.
  2. Complete the Application, read the Student Handbook, Sign the Affidavit and Tuition Payment Agreement forms.
  3. Submit packet in person or by mail with the $35.00 application fee. This can be paid online, with cash, check or money order made out to The Crossing to the address below. This amount will cover your application and assessment fee (this assessment determines your academic standing and can be completed only after all of your supporting documentation has been submitted). 

The Crossing Bible College

Admissions Department

10130 Tuscany Ridge Dr.

Tampa, FL  33619 USA

Finally, request official transcripts from each college, university or institute of ministry that you have previously attending. Please have the official transcripts mailed directly to the address above, or emailed to within 60 days of your acceptance into the college. 

  • You will need to request your original, sealed and official copy of your transcripts be sent directly to The Crossing Bible College. If you receive the official version yourself, Do NOT open the sealed envelope(s)! You may want to order a second copy of each transcript for your own records. NOTE: If you opt to transfer such credits, only courses with a C grade or better will be accepted and they will be factored into your GPA at TCBC.
  • If college transcripts will not be provided, submit a legible photocopy of your high school transcript or diploma, your GED certificate, or equivalent proof of a completed high school education.

Some students may qualify for Ministry Life  Experience (MLE) credit for in-depth research and study of God's Word, as demonstrated in published writings or in teaching and preaching. See the MLE Application Form for details. If applicable, this form and the $35.00 evaluation fee must be paid by check or money order to The Crossing must be submitted within 90 days of acceptance letter. Please send to address above. 

Undergraduate Requirements

Applicants expecting to enter a Christian degree program must have either:

  • Earned a diploma from an accredited high school;
  • Passed the General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.) test;
  • Can document an equivalent education, or;
  • Attended college and have already provided proof of high school graduation.

NOTE: Students who do not have proof of high school graduation will be enrolled in a certificate program.

High school seniors who have not yet graduated from high school may be dually enrolled at The Crossing Bible College while in their senior year. Credits earned will be held in reserve in a Bible institute program until the student graduates from high school. Upon presenting proof of high school graduation, the completed courses will be converted to college credit and any appropriate degrees will be issued.

Ministry Life Experience (MLE) Credits

Ministry Life Experience credit recognizes academic study for the preaching and teaching of the Word of God in formal classes or services sanctioned by the church, such as adult services, children's church, and youth services.

To qualify for MLE credits, the majority of the material presented should result from the instructor's own study of the Word of God and not rely upon use of pre-printed curriculum. MLE credit will also be awarded for evangelistic speaking engagements, as well as teaching or preaching over radio and television. Conducting Sunday school classes, home Bible studies, or cell groups do not count toward MLE credit.

The maximum MLE you can receive is 1/4 of the credit-hour requirements towards your undergraduate or graduate degree. This means up to 30 credit-hours may be awarded toward a Bachelor's Degree and up to 15 credit-hours of MLE credit may be awarded toward a Master's Degree. No MLE credits can be awarded for doctoral students.

Experienced ministers should see their Assessment Package for an MLE Application. There is a $35 evaluation fee that must accompany the application at the time of submission. A further fee of $10 per credit-hour (undergraduate level) or $15 per credit-hour (graduate level) will be assessed for each MLE credit-hour awarded. If no MLE credit is awarded, the student incurs no additional fee.

Your MLE Application must be received by Admissions within 90 days of the student's application. Qualifying students will receive an MLE Award Letter from the Office of the Registrar showing the MLE credits for which the student is eligible and the total MLE Credit Awarded Fee due. Upon remittance of that fee, the MLE credits will be officially awarded.