Q. Are you accredited? 
A. Yes, The Crossing Bible College has chosen to be accredited through Transworld Commission International. This is an internationally known, non-profit, church educational organization. They handle accreditation of Christian theological seminaries, universities, and colleges throughout the world, providing supervision for over 600 schools in 9 countries and 42 states throughout the the USA. 

Q: What degrees do you offer?
A: Currently we offer 1 Year Certificates in Theology, and an Associate's and Bachelor’s degrees in Theology. 

Q: What can I do with my degree once I have it? 
A: The Crossing Bible College alumni will be the first to hear about opportunities for full time ministry within The Crossing Church. When a new campus location is launched, graduates will be considered first for all positions. We will also partner with other churches to provide additional employment and intern opportunities. Graduates may serve as pastors, youth pastors, Bible teachers, hospital and jail chaplains, personal evangelists, missionaries, heads of homeless missions, professors, instructors, campus directors, life group leaders. The possibilities of ministry options are countless. 

Q: How long is a course? 
A: Students will attend just one concentrated course at a time, with each course lasting 4 weeks. Day and Evening classes are available. Each class meets once a week for three hours. Additional work is required for each course such as reading, writing research papers, and studying for quizzes, which is done by the student at home on their own time. 

Q: How many courses are in 1 academic year? 
A: Each academic year, includes a total of nine classroom courses. The 10th course credit hours are awarded by completing Ministry Practicum. 

Q: What is Ministry Practicum? 
A: 72 Hours in ministry is required per academic year. These hours will be logged by each student and signed off by a Ministry leader. See “Degree Programs” > “Ministry Practicum Requirement” for more information. 

Q: How much is Tuition and what are my payment options?
A: Each course is $145, for a total of $1305 per year. This can be paid monthly by setting up automatic drafts. If you wish to pay for the entire academic year in advance, a discount of $130 will apply for a total of $1175.00. 

Q: Are my books included? 
A: No, the cost of books in not included, books are typically between $10.00 and $20.00 per course and can be purchased online at Amazon by hard copy or electronic version.  

Q: Do you accept federal student loans, grants, GI Bills or other loans? 
A: We believe that everyone should be able to afford a quality Christian education without incurring debt. In order to keep tuition affordable, we are a self-pay, not for profit college, and we are unable to accept any other form of payment. 

Q: Will my credits transfer in from another college? 
A: We do accept and transfer in religion based classes from other schools, however general education credits will not be accepted. All of our courses are Christian based and therefore any credits transferred must be comparable in nature. If a student has an associate’s degree, whether in Christian studies or not, their degree will transfer in upon completion of 30 credit hours at TCBC. If a student has a bachelor’s degree or higher, they will receive 60 credit hours. If a degree is in Christian Studies, full credit will be awarded. 

For example: If John Smith has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, upon completion of his first year at The Crossing Bible College, he will have only one year remaining to get a 2nd bachelor’s degree in his chosen vocation of Theology.    

Q: Will my TCBC credits transfer to another college if I leave? 
A: You can transfer your credits into any of the hundreds of colleges accredited world-wide under Transworld Accrediting Commission International.   

Q: Do you have to be a member of The Crossing Church? 
A: Students are not required to be members. However, because the vision, mission, and belief statements of The Crossing Bible College are in line with those of The Crossing Church, we ask that each student complete The Crossing Church's "Starting Point" Class to ensure that student's are in agreement. Enrollment is limited at The Crossing Bible College and therefore The Crossing Church members will be given priority.