Q. Are you accredited? 
A. Yes, The Crossing Bible College has chosen to be accredited through Transworld Commission International. This is an internationally recognized, non-profit, church educational organization. They handle accreditation of Christian theological seminaries, universities, and colleges throughout the world, and provide supervision for over 600 schools in 9 countries and 42 states throughout the the USA. 

Q: What levels of education do you offer?
A: At The Crossing Bible College, we offer multiple ways to earn the level of education you desire. You can pick and choose as few or as many classes as you want to take for discipleship purposes without enrolling in any specific plan, or you can complete one of the programs listed below:

  • 10 courses will earn a non-accredited Certificate of Completion in our discipleship program

  • Fully accredited - Associate of Arts in Theology degree (20 courses)

  • Fully accredited - Bachelor of Arts in Theology degree (20 courses TCBC & up to 20 courses transferred from another college/university)

  • Fully accredited - Bachelor of Arts in Ministry degree (40 courses at TCBC)

Q: How will I attend courses and how long is each one? 
A: The Crossing Bible College is 100% online. Each course is 8 weeks in length and will be accessed through our student portal. The coursework consists of assigned reading, short video teachings from The Crossing Church pastoral staff, online discussions with your peers that will enhance understanding of the material, writing short essays, and taking quizzes. There are no scheduled lectures to attend and the coursework can be done at the student’s convenience within the assigned week.

Q: How many courses are in 1 academic year? 
A: It is up to the student how many courses they wish to take. There are a total of 5 terms in an academic year: Fall A, Fall B, Spring A, Spring B and Summer. A student who attends 1 course each term is considered part-time and would complete 5 courses in an academic year. A student who attends 2 courses each term is considered full-time and would complete 10 courses in 1 academic year.

Q: What is the cost of tuition and what are my payment options?
A: Each accredited course is $150. Students enrolled in a non-degree seeking certificate program pay just $50 per course. Each course must be paid in full prior to the first day of the term.

Q: Are my books included in my tuition? 
A: No, the cost of books are not included. Textbooks range between $10 and $30 on average and can be purchased on Amazon. Hard copy books and kindle versions are available for most required texts.

Q: Do you accept federal student loans, grants, GI Bills, or other loans? 
A: No, we firmly believe that everyone should be able to afford a quality Christian education without incurring debt. In order to keep tuition affordable, we are a self-pay, non-profit, non-government funded college, therefore we are unable to accept any form of payment other than debit/credit card. 

Q: Will my credits transfer in from another college? 
A: We do accept and transfer in Christian-based classes from other schools; however general education credits will not be accepted. All of our courses are specifically rooted in religion and therefore any credits transferred must be comparable in nature by proof of course syllabus from previous college. If a student has completed an associates level or higher degree, whether in Christian studies or not, up to 60 credit hours may be transferred into TCBC.

Example: If John Smith has a BS degree in Computer Science, TCBC will transfer 20 courses/60 credit hours into our degree program. John would need to complete another 60 credit hours at TCBC in order to receive a second Bachelors degree in Theology. If Mary has an AA degree in Music, TCBC will transfer 10 courses/30 credit hours towards a Bachelors degree in Theology.

Q: Will my TCBC credits transfer to another college if I leave? 
A:  That would ultimately be up to the college you want to transfer into. There are hundreds of colleges across the globe with the same accreditation that are certain to recognize your credits under Transworld Accrediting Commission International; however, most nationally and regionally accredited colleges do not accept TransWorld accreditation as it is considered the equivalent of a tech-school accreditation, accepted by only similar colleges.

Q: Do you have to be a member of The Crossing Church? 
A: Students are not required to be members, but are encouraged to read through the belief statements, as they are in line with those of The Crossing Church. We accept students from all over the world; students who are not local should keep in mind all due dates and times are based on Eastern Standard Time.