The Crossing Bible College believes that a quality spiritual education that trains individuals for serving the Lord should not cause financial debt. Many universities leave graduates with government loans; however, we believe that you should have the opportunity to receive a biblical education at an affordable rate, therefore we provide our students with cost-effective options of both accredited and non-degree seeking programs.

Both programs are affordable, however for those not seeking to earn a full accredited degree, but rather a certificate of completion in a discipleship program, we offer a further reduced rate. Should a student decide at a later date that they wish to pursue an accredited degree, they would simply pay the difference in tuition rate to receive college credit for their completed coursework, prior to receiving the degree. A student may also continue taking courses at the reduced rate if they wish to remain enrolled in a non-degree seeking program and take higher level courses.

Payment Options

Accredited Degree Seeking Student Tuition:

• $150 per course

Non-Degree Seeking Student Tuition:

• $50 per course

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The application fee is $35. This fee covers both processing the application, registration, and assessing academic standing.

Transcript reassessment Fee

Official transcripts are required within 90 days of acceptance into the college. Transcripts received after the 90 day period will result in an additional $35 transcript reassessment fee.

Book Costs

Book lists will be provided prior to the start of each semester. Students are responsible for purchasing their own books from the merchant their choosing including specialty Christian stores, Amazon, etc.

commencement FEE

There is a $75 graduation fee which covers the graduation ceremony & reception, diploma with cover, cap, gown, tassel, and honors cords, if applicable.  Any student who chooses not to participate in the commencement ceremony will receive his or her diploma by mail.