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academic calendar

All classes are offered online only. There are no traditional on campus lectures. You can earn a degree on your own schedule with no mandatory login times. Courses are eight weeks in duration, with 5 different start dates each year.

2019/2020 course offerings

Non-degree seeking students are welcome to customize their plan by taking the courses that appeal most to them. We highly recommend 100 level courses for beginner students as difficulty increases by level.

*We recommend ALL students take these courses for a basic understanding of theology prior to registering for other classes. They are not required, however.

**We recommend taking these courses in order, as they use the same book and a student may grasp the material better if presented in the order as it was written. It is not required, however.

Click Here to view the Course Catalog, which offers the description of all of our courses including those offered in the future.

FALL A - AUGUST 12 - OCTOBER 4, 2019

THEO 101 - Theology I*

FORM 101 - Spirit Filled Life

FORM 105 - Discipleship

HIST 202 - Church History II


THEO 102 - Theology II*

BIBL 101 - New Testament Survey I**

FORM 203 - Worship

THEO 208 - Spiritual Authority


THEO 103 - Theology III*

BIBL 102 - New Testament II**

FORM 205 - Biblical Financial Management

CMIN 301 - Developing Leaders

CMIN 408 - Marriage Counseling

THEO 304 - Spiritual Freedom I**

SPRING B - MARCH 9 - MAY 1, 2020

BIBL 103 - Old Testament I**

FORM 102 - Spiritual Disciplines

APOL 201 - Christian Ethics

APOL 305 - Contemporary Worldviews

THEO 305 - Spiritual Freedom II**

SUMMER - MAY 11 - JULY 3, 2020

BIBL 104 - Old Testament II**

FORM 101 - Spirit Filled Life

CMIN 201 - Pastoral Counseling

APOL 301 - Apologetics

2 additional courses are currently being written for this term. Check back for updates.